A new ‘smart fitness studio’ is now open

Tracey Ashcraft, a native San Diegan, has opened an Exercise Coach location at 9820 Willow Creek Road, suite 103. (photo courtesy of Tracey Ashcraft)

A new ‘smart fitness studio’ is now open

(Scripps Ranch) Known as a “smart fitness studio” franchise due to its bio-adaptive, AI augmented exercise equipment providing a customized, efficient workout, The Exercise Coach is now a “smart” fitness studio for yet another reason: its safe, private atmosphere.

On Sept. 1, Tracey Ashcraft – who previously resided in Scripps Ranch for 25 years – opened an Exercise Coach location at 9820 Willow Creek Road, Suite 103.

The studio, outfitted with high-tech computerized machines instead of traditional equipment, is in a clean, private setting, The Exercise Coach’s one-on-one personalized programs are optimized for efficiency, resulting in only two 20-minute workouts per week. The Exercise Coach’s state-of-the-art exercise technology is combined with the guidance of certified coaches to provide a comprehensive approach to fitness designed to be a perfect fit for anyone, regardless of current fitness levels or age. The studio creates a dynamic exercise experience blending personalized strength and interval cardio training in each session. 

Ashcraft is a San Diego native, and she plans to serve as a coach at the facility some evenings and weekends. 

“Two years ago, a friend asked me to go with her on a kayaking trip through the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington with REI. The trip description noted that you needed to be able to kayak in the open ocean for 10 to 12 miles per day and I realized I needed to get in shape to do the trip. I got a personal trainer and haven’t looked back. I am in the best shape of my life at age 59,” Ashcraft said. “My experience working with a trainer has given me respect for the value of strength training, which is not always prioritized over cardio for many fitness enthusiasts. In addition, having a coach with the skill to motivate and hold me accountable has been invaluable. I am excited to apply those concepts to my business and reach an older demographic who can experience for themselves the power of strength and improved health in their daily lives.”

The Exercise Coach is a safe fitness option for several reasons:

• No more than four clients per trainer for semi-private training.

• Workouts are scheduled by appointment only – no walk-ins.

• Workouts are only 20 minutes and always supervised by a coach.

The machines actually adjust a person’s workout to his/her strengths and weaknesses in real time, thereby helping the person get the most out of their workout and avoid injury. Additionally, the machines automatically make the exercises harder as a person gets stronger, so there is never a plateau and the person is competing against him or herself. 

“We are different from big box gyms as our boutique fitness studios have always been small, private and super clean. This remains our core offering,” said Brian Cygan, Exercise Coach founder and CEO. “This has really been resonating with people across the country and we have grown to 120 locations as a result.”

The Exercise Coach uses its technology to capture the more reluctant exercise consumer – people who are either too busy to spend a great deal of time at the gym, or dislike the gym scene and/or are afraid of injuring themselves. Rather than use their proprietary technology competing with other gyms to court the most athletic people, The Exercise Coach offers privacy, convenience, personalization, efficiency and guidance to change the quality of life for people who need assistance embarking on their fitness journey. 

For more information, call or text (858) 673-1777.