John Cena at Belmont Park

John Cena waits in line at Belmont Park. (photo by Jacqueline Gregory)

John Cena at Belmont Park

Star actor, TV host, professional wrestler and rapper John Cena thrilled the crowd at Belmont Park in Mission Beach on a sunny afternoon in late winter 2020 with an unannounced visit at a time before COVID-19 had its huge impact in the United States.

John Cena speaks to some of his fans at Belmont Park. (photo by Jacqueline Gregory)

The muscular Cena showed up with a pretty young woman by his side and a few friends. He stood in line to buy tickets for a roller coaster ride at Belmont Park before visitors to the park began to recognize him. He was an instant hit with the crowd, calmly posing for photos and speaking with kids and he didn’t turn down a single request.

Cena and his small entourage didn’t ask for special treatment and waited until their turn to buy tickets. Then, they immediately went to the line for the roller coaster where they laughed and enjoyed one ride. Afterward, Cena posed for a few more photos with fans and entered a nearby limousine with his friends before exiting the park.

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