Local mom’s group arranges playdates

The Scripps Ranch/Poway Mamas is a group connected on Facebook that meets for playdates and other events. (photo courtesy of Tabatha Kraft)

Local mom’s group arranges playdates

By John Gregory

It’s no secret that local mothers take advantage of social media to share information of all sorts. One of the groups that has grown rapidly merely from a social media presence is called Scripps Ranch/Poway Mamas, and its purpose is connecting local mothers.

Tabatha Kraft, the founder and administrator, created the Facebook group shortly after moving to Scripps Ranch from Boston last August.

She describes the purpose of the Scripps Ranch/Poway Mamas as a way “to get other moms together, to get our children together and to make new friends and get out and do things in Scripps Ranch, Poway and San Diego.”

The purpose of the Scripps Ranch/Poway Mamas is to get moms together, to get their children together and to make new friends. (photo courtesy of Tabatha Kraft)

Kraft’s use of social media is a classic example of how a tool such as Facebook can be used to begin a grassroots organization that connects people with similar interests who might otherwise never meet.

“I had started a similar group in Boston, which is where we moved from, and that’s how I met one of my greatest friends,” she explained. “So, I thought it can’t hurt to start one here, too. It’s been pretty great. It started out small … and now it’s got something like 265 people. Every day I get about 10 requests. It’s growing very rapidly.” 

Members of the group create their own events, like playdates, and post them on the group’s Facebook page. For example, if a member of the group is taking her kids to a park at 4 p.m., they post it and invite other members.

Likewise, if there is an event, such as a concert in the park, that some are considering attending, members of the group post it, inviting others. 

Kraft is a stay-at-home mother of two young children, one 11-months old and one 3 ½ years of age. She said her family has been lucky because the street on which they reside in Scripps Ranch is full of friendly people, but the Facebook group she started has also helped her family acclimate to their new surroundings socially.

“My daughter … loves making friends,” Kraft said. “She’s enjoys meeting new people.”

Kraft said she has already created a small offshoot group which is a healthy eating group for moms in Scripps Ranch and Poway. One of the mothers is a fitness coach, so the group once set up an event called “Muffins and Mimosas.” About 30 mothers attended the event in which they participated in an exercise class. Afterward they enjoyed muffins and mimosas and socialized, Kraft said. She added that she met two women from this group who have become very close friends of hers since.

An offshoot of the Scripps Ranch/Poway Mamas group is a healthy eating group for moms which drew about 30 members to a workout class followed by “Muffins and Mimosas.” (photo courtesy of Tabatha Kraft)

Any local mothers who want to join the mothers group or learn more, may simply find the Scripps Ranch/Poway Mamas on Facebook and submit a request to join. Kraft said she usually responds by sending a private message to those requesting membership, so she can make sure they are local and that they are mothers with children. Kraft said she does her best to make sure it’s as safe as possible because, after all, they list where they are going to meet and they take their children.

Local mothers wishing to join the Scripps Ranch/Poway Mamas can find the group on Facebook by using this shortcut: bit.ly/2ulzY0E

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