Scripps Ranch resident creates chocolate delights

(courtesy of Iris Delights)

Scripps Ranch resident creates chocolate delights

By Kaila Mellos

Iris Meyers, a Scripps Ranch resident of 11 years, has started a new venture with the creation of her chocolate business, Iris Delights.

Before starting this business, however, Meyers had done many other things that led her to start the endeavor.

“I have a degree in computer science, so I was a computer programmer. I have an MBA and I also have a life coach certification. So, this is not the first business that I’ve owned,” Meyers said.

She got the idea to start making her very own chocolates six and a half years ago while flying on Southwest and watching a chocolate art show on a cooking channel. She thought it was fascinating that someone could sculpt chocolate into a giant grandfather clock.

“I got off the plane and I called my husband, and I said, ‘You know, I don’t know if there’s such thing as chocolate school, but if there is, I’m going,’ and I ended up finding an online chocolate school program called Ecole Chocolat,” Meyers said.

She entered the three-month program in March of 2015. Once she finished her program, Meyers did a lot of small project work, but she never thought she would go into business selling the chocolates she made. In 2016, she changed that thought.

“It started very slowly, sort of word of mouth. Eventually, I got involved with some awesome breweries in Anaheim and started pairing my chocolates with their beers.” Meyers said. “I even got the opportunity of putting their beers into my chocolates and going to events and selling them.”

Up to this point, Meyers only did custom work and never sold a multiple assortment of chocolates at a time. After a couple of people asked for mixed boxes of chocolates, she thought it would be a good idea to start looking for a storefront in which to run her business. 

She looked in Scripps Ranch for a storefront, but “that was not in the cards for me,” she said. She found a place in Tierrasanta, which is where her chocolate business is now located. 

“I think it’s been a huge learning experience for me because I went from occasionally filling custom orders and making stuff when I felt like it, to suddenly needing to fill up a chocolate shop on a daily basis,” Meyers said. “It’s very different in terms of how much I produce, and kind of getting to know what people like and figuring out the packaging. There was a lot to learn, and there’s still a lot to learn as I head into my first holiday season.”

Meyers has a variety of chocolates and flavors now available in her shop. She also has some holiday flavors and designs that are special to the seasons.

The perfect piece of chocolate means “it’s got texture, it’s got flavor and it makes it an experience,” she explained.

“You bite into it and you just stop what you’re doing and just focus on what’s in your mouth because the flavor is so intense and the texture is smooth or crunchy, whatever it is,” Meyers added. “The whole thing just transports you to another place for even just, you know, five seconds as you’re eating it.”

The best sellers at her shop currently are the barks and bars. All her products are gluten-free, and she has some additional dairy-free choices as well.